Facilities Overview

Marinoa City Fukuoka opened in 2000 and is the largest outlet mall in Kyushu. Marinoa City’s 160 stores cover all genres including cool fashions, sports equipment, accessories, interior goods, and more.
Making full use of the waterfront location, Marinoa City has an open feel to it, making it popular not only for shopping but also for sightseeing. Throughout the year there are many special sales and events taking place.

What is an “outlet”?

An outlet is a place where the previous season’s items, excess inventory, discontinued items, items whose sizes or colors do not match, prototypes and sample items are sold at prices less than retail.
In addition to being able to purchase goods from trusted brands and makers at reasonable prices, it is also possible to shop with the sense of being on a treasure hunt.
Many times there is only one of a certain item, so if don’t purchase it when you find it you may regret it later.


1.Detailed Information Outlet I Building 1F When in need of assistance go here first!

2.One of the largest indoor experience complexes in the country with sports, athletics and entertainment facilities.

3.Step Square The heart of Marinoa, where many events are held on holidays.

4.Bus Stop The bus stop is in the center of Marinoa City, making it very convenient!

5.Children’s Restroom Available at two locations: Marina Side Building 2F and Outlet Ⅲ Building 2F

6.Boardwalk Take a rest on the wooden deck while gazing at the sea. Only at the seaside.

7.Ferris Wheel Entrance Please buy your tickets from the ticket machine at the entrance.

8.Coin Locker Make sure to put heavy items into the lockers, it will make your shopping experience more pleasant.

9.Open Café There are many open cafes in the facility. Great for taking breaks.

Service Guide

By checking beforehand, your shopping will proceed smoothly.

General Information

Here facility information and general inquiries from customers are answered by staff, and many other services are provided.

  • Location: Outlet I Building 1F


There are also multi-purpose restrooms and children’s restrooms in addition to regular restrooms.

  • Multi-Purpose Restroom: Handicapped Accessible. The multi-purpose restroom is also ideal for changing diapers.
  • Children’s Restroom: A cute restroom for children.
  • For boys
  • For girls
  • Ostomate
  • Nursing Bed
  • Baby Seat
  • Baby Keeper
  • Changing Board
Location Men’s
Outlet Ⅰ Building 1F Near the Elevator

Outlet Ⅰ Building 2F Near the Elevator

Outlet Ⅱ Building 1F Near the “Mitsumine GLORIOUS MARKET”

Outlet Ⅱ Building 2F Near the “PEACH JOHN THE STORE OUTLET”

Outlet Ⅲ Building 1F Near “GAP OUTLET”

Outlet Ⅲ Building 2F Near the “MURASAKI SPORTS”

Marina Side North Building 1F In front of the “Gohan to tororo Toromugi”

Marina Side North Building 2F At the rear of the “Cash Corner” area
Marina Side South Building 1F Inside Food court


Baby Car Rental

People with children aged 7 months to 2 years have priority access to use the facility’s coin-locker type baby cars.
Insert a 100-yen coin to use the baby cars. When you return the baby car the 100 yen coin will be returned.

Coin Locker

You can put your belongings into a coin locker while you shop!
*There are many locations with coin lockers.

Outlet I Building 1F- Next to the LIVING HOUSE. Bazar Box Usage Times: 10:00-20:00 / (Small) 100 yen (Medium) 200 yen
Outlet I Building- Next to WORLD OUTLET Usage Times: 10:00-20:00 / (Large) 300 yen
Marina Side North Building 1F- front Gohan to tororo Toromugi Usage Times: 10:00-23:00 / (Small) 100 yen (Medium) 200 yen

Smoking Area

Smoking outside of the designated areas, as well as smoking while walking is not permitted at Marinoa City Fukuoka.
Always smoke in designated areas.
* In Japan, purchasing tobacco through a vending machine requires possession of the age verification “IC card”. For that reason, there are no places within Marinoa City Fukuoka where foreign visitors may purchase tobacco.

Cash Corner

Foreign issued cash cards and credit cards may be used at the “Seven Bank”.
For information regarding cards that may be used, please visit Seven Bank’s webpage.

  • Outlet I Building 1F, Behind General Information

*Some cards may not be used.
*Fees may be levied by the card issuer.


Other cash corners in Marinoa City Fukuoka do not accept
foreign-issued cash cards.
*Some cash corners are able to issue loans.
*There is no currency exchange place.

Public Telephone

There is a public telephone able to call overseas.Coins and telephone cards are available.

  • Outlet I Building 1F, In front of “LIVING HOUSE. Bazar Box”